About Us

WELCOME TO ‘tassiesnowbirds.com

Tassie Snowbirds is a travel blog written by Denise Hansson, an Aussie travel writer living in Tasmania.

Along with my husband, I have been lucky enough to travel Oz several times allowing me to enjoy my writing passion and share wonderful Aussie experiences and exciting places with the world!

Rated number 9 in the ‘Top 15 Australian Camping Blogs and Websites’, my posts are personal, witty, exciting, and informative, and packed with great photography.

Our humble abode is our rooftop tent and every 2-years we live simply in our 4WD free camping in the vast, outback areas of Oz tackling the remote off-road tracks, with our only other mode of transport – our mountain bikes!

The reason for my blogs is to showcase what Australia has to offer, and hopefully give those looking for an Aussie adventure the inspiration to set up, pack up and hit the road for a journey of a lifetime. I especially relish in the thought that I can reach out to so many people confined to isolation and armchair travelling and share my stories of such an amazing country we live in.

My blogs are of true Aussie experiences where the cry of dingoes, monitors, kangaroos, flocks of colourful parrots and emus on the rugged outback tracks are the norm; the sunsets, sunrises and night light shows are some of the best in the world; be wowed by the vibrant wildflowers gracing the red desert sand, and relax under a refreshing waterfall after exploring the rugged canyons!

If you’re dreaming of and planning your own great adventure then strap yourself in, click on the ‘tassiesnowbird.com‘ link and come on an adventure with us!

 I guarantee you will have the time of your life!