Getting ready for the ‘Big Trip’…

Mid 2016 we bought our Toyota Hilux, 2016 2.8L Turbo Diesel.

All we needed now was to fit it out for an adventure so with Cape York and the Gibb River on our bucket list it was off to ARB to organise the bits and pieces ready for touring.

With the canopy and support frame, bull bar and winch, rear draws and a fridge slide, air compressor, dual batteries, roof racks, plugs for power, UHF radio, snorkel and long range fuel tank all installed by the very professional ARB staff in Launceston we are almost ready to head off on our adventure… one little hiccup, we were still waiting on the off road tyres!

Come April 2017 and a couple of days before we were due to leave, the BF Goodrich tyres finally arrived (just an eight week wait).

It was then back to ARB for the new suspension upgrade.

Finally we hit the road…

Our home for the next nine months was an ARB rooftop tent…


… although we did have our ARB swag along for the ride, just in case of an emergency.


We also had an ARB roof rack mounted annex and mesh enclosure to give us a little bit of protection from the sun or rain and one thing we learned very quickly was how to best set up our camp for one, two or three night stays.

For the quick overnighters we didn’t bother with the annex but if we were staying a couple of days we stretched the annex out over our sitting area, which gave us some quick and easy shelter.

The roof rack mounted annex is definitely something to add to your kit if you’re planning a trip like this!

After hours on the road, setting up camp is often the second highlight of the day… you guessed it; the first is that nice cold drink!

… and while relaxing with a coldie, we just loved checking out other peoples’ setups.

There were fancy motorhomes and caravans, all sorts of camper trailers and tents in all flavours, roof-top tents, Wicked Vans and Whiz Bangers, many that are probably still rusting away on the side of the road, and even the odd person sleeping under the stars while riding a bike or trekking on foot from north to south!

Our humble abode, was oh-so-effective and was very quick to pack and unpack compared to many other camping options.

We loved being above ground and it certainly proved its worth in storms and heavy rains…. and although we did have to pack up every time we wanted to use our car, it was still the perfect option for us and our off road adventures.

We purchased a ‘Free Camps Book’, as well as the ‘Hema Australian Road Atlas’, the ‘Cape York Atlas’ and ‘4WD Adventures’ book and downloaded ‘HEMA Maps’, ‘CamperMate’ and ‘Wiki Camps’ apps on the iPad.

We were set with a range of National Parks camping spots and caravan parks for all around Australia… and even better, there are loads of free camping spots listed.

We found the books and the apps, teamed with the Toyota Navigation system, the perfect combo.

If you enjoy camping, then check these apps and books out as they have lots of great info.

While we’re discussing planning we have also been following lots of travelling blogs – travel blogs are a wonderful source for great ideas and advice if you’re planning a big trip!

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